The Indians of North Florida

Santa Rosa Creek Indian Tribe




·         Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe, Inc. 4344 US Hwy 90 Suite A. Pace, FL.

Mailing Address: Chief Thomas Nichols

 7200 Chumuckla Hwy. Pace, Florida 32571

Phone (850) 994-4882

We are the Santa Rosa County Creek Indian Tribe, Inc. located in Pace, Florida nestled

between Pensacola and Milton Florida. You can find these towns in the 

Northwest Florida Panhandle along Interstate 10 and Highway 90. 

 Our mission is to raise the community awareness to the Native American cultures, 

traditions, and current issues. 

The panhandle of Florida and Alabama has a great deal of historical and cultural 

influence due to many Creek Indians that inhabited this area in the past.

We as a people are rediscovering our heritage, 

and we are proud to call ourselves Creek Indians.