The Indians of North Florida

Research Records

There are many sources of records about our peoples history since migrating to Florida. Some of these sources identify individuals and the communities as Indian, some as White, and some as Colored. Most of the time it depends on who was getting the information. Consistantly community leaders like Jacob Scott, Mary Attaway, Mathias Porter, Tom Scott, Dave Martin, Hugh Oxendine, Noah Hill, Andrew Ramsey, essie Hill and Buck Bryant have identified themselves as well as our community as "Indian".

Some of the sources where records are drawn from are:

-the Florida State Archives in Tallahassee

-Jackson and Calhoun county school records

-Calhoun and Jackson County tax records

-Calhoun and Jackson County Court cases

-transcripts of 2 military inquiries into racial identity of Scott Town people

-records from the Cherokee Indian Normal School in Robeson County NC

-1832 Abbott-Parsons (Creek Nation Tribal) Roll

-census information from SC, NC, GA, and FL

-dozens of books and memoirs such as Woodwards Reminiscences, Some Who Passed This way, etc

-1918 WWI Civil Enlistments

_Indian gravehouses, shell offerings and wood effigies at several cemeteries in Florida

-Indian Claims Commission Creek Land claims Docket Letters

-Correspondances between north Florida Tribal Community leaders and BIA 1952-present

I'll continue to update this list as time allows me to, as there are literally hundreds of records from dozens of sources besides these about the history and identity of our community.