The Indians of North Florida


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Kunfuskee (Locv) Grounds playing stickball last Weekend of this month...

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come out and support the grounds, near hwy 20 and 231, youll have a great time

I am back in Florida, cousins...

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While we are looking for a place to purchase we are renting a place in Telogia in Liberty County...Please let me hear from yall if I can be of help...

2015 Indian Community Conference

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2015 Indian Community Conference...

the Apalachicola River Indian Community Conference will be a little late this year..Steven Pony Hill and I met about it yesterday and in light of the intense ARCITO re-organizational work we are doing at the moment and Billy Bryant's ongoing negotiation with the Calhoun County Commission regarding lands being set aside for the use of Calhoun County Indians, we will hold the conference, which is usually in March or April, in May this year...we will have a date after our next meeting in 2 weeks...

Reorganization of ARCITO beginning March 2015

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Myself, Pony Hill, and Billy Bryant met before the county commission meeting in Blountstown this last Tuesday to lay out plans for the reorganization of ARCITO membership, constitution, and bylaws, the negotiations Billy Bryant is conducting for sharing land base the Calhoun County Comission is considering forwarding to Calhoun County Indians, and the current status of the ARCITO petition in Washington DC. please email or call me with any ideas comments or the like as we move forward...-Scott

upcoming radio show this Saturday

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Hey Guys

Im going to be speaking on Stacy Webb’s radio show (Backintyme publishing) this Saturday 3-5 pm about our peoples tribal communities in the panhandle, our history as one of the dozens of mixed-blood Native American communities in the east, our ties to the Catawba, Lumbee, Sumter Cheraw, and Creeks historically, as well as on current issues we confront. I hope you will call in and share your questions and perspectives! There’s already one show archived ( from the past where we spoke on North Florida Native American issues, and this episode will be a good one too. As you may know from reading our book “The Indians of North Florida”, some of the surnames associated with our community historically are Ammons, Ayers, Barnwell, Bass, Bennett, Bird, Blanchard, Boggs, Brown, Bullard, Bunch, Butts, Bryant, Brooks, Chason, Chavis, Conyers, Copeland, Davis, Doyle, Goins, Hall, Harmon, Harris, Hicks, Hill, Holly, Ireland, Jacobs, Jeffries, Johnson, Jones, Kever, Laramore, Linton, Lollie, Lolly, Long, Lovett, Mainer, Martin, Mayo, Moses, Oxendine, Perkins, Porter, Potter, Revell, Rollin, Scott, Simmons, Smith, Stafford, Stephens, Sweat, Thomas, Whitfield, Williams.

More info on our tribe and community advocacy work can be found at our website on the World Wide Web at

Please tune in Saturday and call or if you can’t the webcast will be available anytime afterwards.

The web address for the radio show is




Radio interview about book

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The new book "The Belles of the Creek Nation" available in Jan 2015

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This is the story of the Hill and Doyles families origins in Creek Nation and of the descendnets of Nancy, Sarah, and Amanda Doyle and their descendents from rmval until today. Its available from Backintyme publishers.

Heres a link ot a recent blogspot radio interview about the book and native rights

Green Corn Dance Dates

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The Community Green Corn Dance will be held July 7,8, and 9th. for more info please contact Chris at 918 402 3666 or

2013 Indian Community Conference a success

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This years Indian community conference was a success with Debbie Hicks and Sehoy Sewell both giving presentations, and a significant delegation of the descendents of Scotts Ferry being present. Thanks to everyone for their hard work, especially Virginia Ryals and Sharron Fagan!

2013 Indian Community Conference

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W.T.Neal Civic Center, 17773 NE Pear St, Blountstown Fl

8am - 5 pm Panhandle of Florida Geneaology Workshop, free to public

5-630 dinner

630-9pm annual Indian Community Conference

more info call Chris Scott Sewell 918 402 3666