The Apalachicola River Community of Indians Tribal Organization (ARCITO)

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Horizon - Broken Sky; released May 1, 2015 by S. Pony Hill (Author)

Posted by Hodalee Scott Sewell on May 25, 2016 at 3:55 PM

this is a fiction work by tribal chairman pony hill, its a great read and i encourage you guys to chec k it out...

Strange things were happening at Sequoyah High and Benjamin Braveboy was certain it all centered on this odd new student. Quiet, unassuming, she was easy for anyone to ignore. To him it was obvious camouflage, a way to be there but not be there, hiding in plain sight. Benjamin was suspicious that there was more to this girl than met the eye. How could he have known she guarded a secret that would reveal an ancient struggle to save an entire world, a timeless battle of light versus darkness, and that their love would lead to the death of one and the unearthly changing of the other?

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