The Apalachicola River Community of Indians ARCITO

Apalachicola River Community of Indians 


ARCITO 267 Nelle St "A" Callaway FL 32404 (850) 736-3065


Our Motto-

Upwards together

Our Statement of purpose-

We the ARCITO government will work to preserve, research, advocate, invest, support, and educate the Apalachicola River Community of Indian population in north Florida.

Our Organization-

Established in 1996, the ARCITO council is a formal government that represents the interests of the  Indian people who have lived in the panhandle of Florida for the last 200 years. Our activities include language and cultural preservation, an independent press and community newsletter, support of tribal spiritual traditions, communal economic development and educational programs that lay the ground work for tribal self-sufficiency through individual responsibility and accomplishment.

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ARCITO 267 Nelle St "A" Callaway FL 32404 (850) 736-3065